Introducing the Wooden Christmas Skirt

Years ago, it was a Holiday FAMILY Tradition for the father of the bride to create a wooden tree fence for a couple’s first Christmas together. The decorative fence became a symbol of love, marriage and holiday tradition. The Wooden Skirt became an addition to showcase the family tree. Inside the fence, it kept villages, nativity scenes and trains. It signified the laughter and the joy of family connection found on Christmas morning when opening gifts.

The Wooden Skirt is a unique item that beautifully frames the bottom of your tree. Painted a rich poinsettia red or natural color, and available in square shape or octagon* making a memorable statement and enhancing your holiday traditions for years to come. The Christmas tree is such a focal point of the holiday. We welcome family and friends to our homes and instantly showcase our Christmas tree. We are continuing Holiday Traditions and would like to share our family traditions with yours.
A Southern Tradition Community Partnership