Community Involvement

Growing up our Christmas’ were normal. Some might call them lavish. 

I remember as a child having such nervous knots in my belly on Christmas Eve because I was so eager for Christmas day. I would lay awake at night and shiver with excitement. Sleepless nights combined with the anticipation of finding presents under the tree. 

It never occurred to me that Santa might not come.

Christmas was always festive too; decorations throughout the house. The Wooden Skirt at the base of the tree. After opening presents Christmas morning, the fire place would be lit and we would play with our toys. Barbie and He-Man would enter through the gate to visit the Nativity staged under the tree.

When I met Michele, that’s when I realized that not all Christmas’ were created equal. Michele told me how when she was growing up her family relied on Toys for Tots for their Christmas presents. I was familiar with Toys for Tots because growing up we always sponsored a child or two from the trees at the mall. My dad would buy gifts and still does this to this day. So when I met Michele and she told me how on Christmas, she would wake up to find one present under the tree, I was deeply affected. She told me how she remembered the Christmas when Santa didn’t come. She said, “People always take the baby or young toddler from the tree. They don’t think about the pre-teen.” My heart broke. Children are innocent and every child should know the joy of Christmas.

The Wooden Skirt supports Toys for Tots, The Anti-Cruelty Society, and The Northern Illinois Food Bank. Feeding families, offering shelter to animals, and providing cheer to those during the holiday season and throughout the year.

I’m blessed in life.  I’ve never known hunger. Not the hunger a child might experience, uncertain when the next meal comes. When I go to my pantry, I know something is there. 
Giving back is huge for The Wooden Skirt.

We sell decorative fences. Beautiful holiday decorations that will create holiday traditions and enhance conversations and warm the hugs we extend to family and friends when they visit us at Christmas. In these blessings, we are also philanthropists and supporters of the community. In gratitude of our blessings, we extend joy to others; sometimes in the most basic of ways. That’s why we say, you can take pride in your purchase. You help change the life a child or a family when you purchase The Wooden Skirt.

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