What are the dimensions & weight of the fence?

The Wooden Skirt is available in square or octagon shape and measures approximately 8 inches tall. When shipped, The Wooden Skirt weighs approximately 10 pounds. 

Eight 24 inch sections connect at pre-made notches for easy assembly.  The Square measures 48 inches each side perfect for trees measuring up to 8 feet. The Octagon measures 68 inches in diameter perfect for trees up to 12 and 15 feet tall.

What is it made of?

The Wooden Skirt is crafted from pine wood and manufactured in the USA.

What is the color of the fence?

Appropriately, the color is poinsettia. It’s a bright shade of red. The fences are painted after assembly. Natural pine and white are also available.

Is there any assembly?

There is minimal assembly required. Pre-made notches securely connect at the center posts.  The fence door is attached with hinge prior to shipment.

What is the time frame from ordering to receiving shipments?

The Wooden Skirt can ship within 24 hours of purchase. Same day shipping possible.