A Southern Tradition. A Family Tradition.

Years ago, it was Southern Tradition for the father of the bride to create a Christmas tree fence for a couple’s first Christmas together. The fence became a symbol of love, marriage, and holiday tradition. The Wooden Skirt became the frame to showcase the family tree. Inside the fence, it kept villages, nativity scenes, trains, and Christmas joy. It framed the laughter and the joy found on Christmas morning when opening gifts.

My great grandfather began this tradition with my family. My grandfather continued the tradition. We now bring this to your home.

I married late in life and remember constantly asking and begging for my fence. I was always told, “no, you have to be married.” I asked for a fence when I was in college, in my 20s and 30s. I was a career oriented person and didn’t know if marriage was an option for my life. I met my husband in my 30s. When we became engaged, the fence was gifted at a bridal shower. I remember the pride and tears that filled my eyes; explaining the heritage and tradition to my fiancé. Our tree has adorned the fence to this day.

Nearly 80% of households adorn a Christmas tree for the holidays. On average, more than two Christmas trees are displayed within a household.

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